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I develop & create
digital future.

Working on hundreds of projects is a truly rewarding experience, has it gives me the ability to make new connections, and improve people’s life.

As I started building websites and apps in 2016, I never stopped developing my creativity, creating unique user experiences, and helping companies and individuals achieving their dreams.

What I Do

Creating products with a strong identity.

Product identity is at the core of many successes, but also of my own work. Building apps and websites that are unique, responsive, and really enjoyable for users to browse on is my everyday-goal.

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Projects Complete

Over the past five years, for individuals, businesses and organisations from seven different countries

Creative Ideas

Each projects have unique creative ideas to ensure quality, success and prosperity

What I offer

I Create Product That Matters


What They Say

Alexis is a person you can count on. He offers his time with great generosity and benevolence. Thank you again Alexis

Lucie B.

Lucie B.

Portfolio development and translation

Alexis doesn’t just do the job (perfectly), he’s a good listener, good advisor. He knew how to do a quality job, fast, and quality services: what you are looking for you will find it with Alexis.

Olivier E.

Olivier E.

Website development & Consulting
Creating experiences

Building, websites and digital
experiences, crafted with love, intelligence,
precision and style.

Alexis Maison

Creative Developer & Designer