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Beware of the EU Business Register Scam !

Icreated a business a few months ago, so my personal details got shared over the internet (I don’t know why it works that way in France/EU). With that said, you’ll receive a lot of e-mails, or even letters to register for some type of business lists, so to get more visibility as they say.

One of the most common one is the EU Business Register which I received by e-mail. You can find a copy of the e-mail below:


In order to have your company inserted in the EU Business Register for 2021/2022, please print, complete and submit the attached form in a reply to this email.




Fax: +31 205 248 107

All electronic file formats are accepted.

Updating is free of charge.

Attached form to the PDF
A well-orchestrated sam

In attachments, you’ll have a PDF which looks like a normal application form. In fact, as a beginner who just launched it’s business, I wanted to get more visibility (who doesn’t ?). So I started to print out the document. But a full reading of the document saved me €995. I was almost scammed.

I will have an insertion into its database for three years. The price per year is Euro 995. The subscription will be automatically renewed every year for another year, unless specific written notice is received by the service provider or the subscriber two months before the expiration of the subscription.

To make it short, next time, pay more attention to e-mails and documents wanting you to sign a contract, read carefully the full document, or run a quick search about the company online. You’ll save time, and money 😉

EU Business Register – Logo
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