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Clean way to communicate

So that the political party can communicate effectively, quickly and directly with its electorate.

ClientIndividualDateJuly, 2021AuthorAlexis MaisonFrameworkWordpressShare

A fast-paced election campaign

Due to particular local political tensions and conditions, the Veyrier au Coeur list is presenting itself less than a month before the election. It is then necessary to develop an operational website quickly, with all the necessary information on it: the program, the members, and the French legal obligations. Challenge taken up!

Each page has been designed to best reflect the ideas shared, the list members and their ambitions, and the interaction with the user.

1/1 Presenting the team effectively

A special page has been set up so that voters can see each team member, with a photo and their name

1/2 A page for each member to speak on

Each member has a dedicated page with their complete presentation. That is to say their biography, their project, a video shot by them and a photo. This way, you can get to know each member of the list better, and easily

2/1 Contact incentive

The contact with the voters, the locals, the citizens is very important. In a simple and direct way, I encouraged contact through contact forms, pop-ups and links. This allowed voters to get information directly from the source, and list members to refine their proposals according to citizens’ requests

3/1 The election program

How do you share something directly with people? By using clear images and words that resonate.
The goal is to share the slate’s agenda in the municipal elections, it must be clear, quick, and effective. Each visitor’s attention span is limited: we need to make the most of it