February 14, 2021

Davoz CRM

A custom-made efficient CRM for an efficient company

  • Strategy

    UX Strategy, Corporate Organization

  • Design


  • Client


  • Main framework

    CodeIgniter 3

All in one place
We needed a software which was giving us the ability to manage our clients, our finances, and our employees. All in one software.
D. T


We went from chaos to harmony

In three months of development

A simple yet effective process

To get the best development ever


First contact

We first got in touch over the phone and using social messaging apps. You can't build something great with someone you don't trust and appreciate


Needs definition

For two weeks we defined what was required to have inside this CRM. Which pages were important, which functionalities were needed in order to use it.


V1.0 Released

I published the first version (v1.0) at the end of the first month of development. We then added data, users, and minor corrections


Constant communication

We constantly communicated over the phone or by messaging about what was being done. What was added to the software.



The second version has been the first major update with hundreds of data fields added and some new functionalities


Final release

After three months of hard-coding, I released the last version: v3.0. It features hundreds of data fields, six completely different and uniques functionalities, a state-of-the-art code base and a custom knowledge-base included inside the CRM.

Let’s collaborate

Send me an email, to discuss a new project.

I’m a French student who is excited about unique ideas and help worldwide companies to create amazing software/websites by crafting top-notch UI/UX and state-of-the-art code.

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